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E-Learning Day School

The deadline for theTDSB Day School E-Learning classes is this Friday, Oct. 2nd.
That means any student with a spare in period 2 or 3 who would like an additional credit can register online at
Secondary students across the TDSB may take ONE online course on their day school timetable per semester.
Semester 1 – Registration is now open!
Course Course Description Gr Prep
BBB4M* International Business Fundamentals 12 Univ/Coll
CGG3O* Travel and Tourism A Regional Geographic Perspective 11 Open
CGR4M The Environment and Resource Management 12 Univ/Coll
CGW4U Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis 12 Univ
CHI4U Canada: History, Identity, and Culture 12 Univ
CHY4U World History: The West and the World 12 Univ
CIA4U Analyzing Current Economic Issues 12 Univ
ENG4U* English 12 Univ
ETS4U Studies in Literature 12 Univ
FSF4U Core French 12 Univ
HZT4U Philosophy: Questions and Theories 12 Univ
MDM4U Mathematics of Data Management 12 Univ
MHF4U Advanced Functions 12 Univ
NDA3M Current Aboriginal Issues in Canada 11 Univ/Coll
NDW4M Issues of Indigenous Peoples in a Global Context 12 Uni/Coll
OLC4O Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course 12 Open
PPZ3C Health for Life 11 Coll
SBI4U Biology 12 Univ
 * Registration is closed


D2L Orientation Workshops with Rachel

To get you ready for success this school year, we will be introducing workshops to make sure that everyone is up to speed with the D2L online learning platform. The workshops are mandatory, and will happen during Period 5 in room 111. Your Period 4 teacher will take you there.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday, September 14th — Carey and Perryne’s classes

Tuesday, September 15th — Michael and Dan’s classes

Wednesday, September 16th — Alex’s class and students with period 4 spares

Thursday, September 17th  — Any students who missed previous sessions

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Welcome back!

We hope you had a great summer and are refreshed and ready to take on the new school year!

School starts on Tuesday, September 8th. The welcome back assembly will be at 1 PM in the caf. You can pick up your timetables from 2-3. You’ll also get your photo taken for your school ID.

The first day of class is Wednesday, September 9th.

New this year: We will be holding orientation sessions for the D2L online learning software during the week of September 14-17 in room 111. This workshop is mandatory and will help you get comfortable with blended and online learning. Your period 4 teacher will tell you when your workshop is scheduled; if you have a period 4 spare, find out when your workshop is in the office.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Today, we celebrated the graduating class of 2014-15 as well as outstanding academic and community achievement from our students.

Our valedictorian was Skye, and you can watch her speech below!

Congratulations to all of our graduates and award winners! Your hard work and determination has paid off!

Congratulations, Lisa!

After 35 years of teaching—27 of them here at SOLE—Lisa Turner is retiring. During her time here, she enriched the lives of countless students. We will miss her, and we wish her every happiness in her newfound freedom.

Lisa's retirement party

cutting the cake

DVD Yearbooks…

…are here! If you didn’t get one on Thursday from your Period 1 teacher, you can pick up your copy from Heather in the office. To receive your yearbook, you must pay your $5 registration fee if you haven’t already.