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2017-2018 Course Selection Sheet

SOLE APPLICATION package 2017-18 (Microsoft Word)

SOLE APPLICATION package 2017-18 (Adobe PDF)

Directions to get to SOLE!

Our small, welcoming classes are flexible learning environments where your teacher takes the time to get to know you and your learning style. Some of our classes are “hands-on,” like photography: you don’t just learn the theory, you end-up taking great photos. And depending on the course, you come to school Monday to Thursday only with e-Learning options available, too. Focus on your learning while in school and have time to focus on your work, sport or other responsibility outside of school. We incorporate blended learning (in-class and on-line), creativity and an experiential model so you can be fully engaged in your own learning. We specialize in new digital media and offer a variety of courses that use technology to enhance your experience. If you’re a big ideas person who appreciates the value of knowledge building and innovation, SOLE is the place for you. We care about your well-being, too. We have a dedicated guidance counselor, student success periods, a school social worker, Math and English tutors, and support for students with IEPs. That’s not all! There’s a daily snack program, a student lounge, and community-building activities. No kidding!


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