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Toronto Public Health Workshop

Students in Shannon’s Organize Your Life class talked with our Toronto Public Health nurse Jessica about promoting facts-based, no-stigma, harm reduction-based conversations on drug use/misuse. An ongoing leadership opportunity for those involved is in progress! If you’re not in HIP4O and want to participate in the ongoing work around this issue, connect with Shannon as soon as you can. Jessica will be back at SOLE the week of April 15th, so keep checking the main whiteboard for details! 

Partnering with Toronto Public Health is critical for student wellbeing and mental health promotion that aligns with our @TDSB Action plan.  Thanks to Jessica and Silvana for their collaboration in helping to guide student led initiatives!

Chinese Brush Painting With Unity In Diversity

Rachel’s Art class and Shannon’s Organize Your Life class took part in an incredible Chinese brush painting workshop with Dr. Lien Chao and Irene Hung. Students learned about the history, materials, and techniques behind this unique art form, as well as its underlying philosophical concepts. Through this engaging two-hour session, students developed their skills with the medium and had fun producing dozens of imaginative free-flowing paintings.

Workshops like this one demonstrate the power of the arts to foster self-confidence, promote cross-cultural understanding, and allow students to express themselves in positive and creative ways. Stay tuned for two upcoming shows that just might feature some art from this workshop, and a huge thanks to Lien and Irene for providing us with this valuable opportunity!

Drama workshop

Shannon’s 11/12 English and Perryne’s Presentation Skills classes participated in a dramatic workshop with facilitators Sadie and Kai! Students worked collaboratively to explore scene creation and subtext with both group-created improvisational sketches and the dinner scene from Elena Belyea’s Cleave

The Student Lounge: New and Improved

Drop by the Student Lounge to see the changes we’ve made! Now it’s easier to find information on jobs, volunteer opportunities, health and wellness, and more. We have games and activities to help you chill out. A huge thanks to Silvana La Rosa and our four amazing student volunteers for making it happen!

A reminder that the Student Lounge is everyone’s space. Please keep it clean and tidy, and remember that you should only be using it outside of class time (before and after school, lunch, and spares).

Parent-Teacher Interviews

SOLE Parent-Teacher Interviews are Thursday, March 21st from 5 pm to 8 pm. Please sign up online for a 15-minute interview with each teacher by clicking the button below. If you have a problem accessing the online sign-up system, email Rachel at or call Debbie, our Office Administrator, at 416-393-0756.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

SOLE at the AGO

Rachel’s Art, Photography, and Graphic Design classes visited the Art Gallery of Ontario to check out a number of exhibits, including Impressionism in the Age of Industry and Mickalene Thomas’ Femmes Noires. It was a full, exciting day of culture and creativity!

Tropical Welcome Party!

It may be cold outside, but new and returning SOLE students kept warm with a tropical-themed party, music, and food catered from the Real Jerk.

Thanks to the Student Council for some amazing decorating and real school spirit! If you’re interested in organizing more cool events like this, why not join us Mondays at lunch in the Tech Lab?


Due to significant combination of snow, ice pellets & freezing rain expected throughout the day, all TDSB schools & administrative sites are closed today.