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Holiday party

After a chill morning of yoga and meditation, we celebrated the upcoming winter break with snacks, holiday music, gingerbread decoration, and a roaring fire (on the computer monitors)!

Have a safe and happy holiday (and don’t forget that there are still two more days of school left!).

Journey to the stars!

SOLE and Greenwood students launched into space today with a visit from the Mobile Planetarium! This unique experience allowed students to explore our star system and beyond from the comfort of the gym, guided by award-winning science journalist Peter McMahon. Far out!


Principal’s Honours Tea

The Principal’s Honours Tea celebrates SOLE students with outstanding academic achievement, as well as those who  have contributed in positive ways to the school. We’re proud to share the joy of this occasion with students and their families! Congratulations to all of our award recipients!

Principal’s Tea

On Tuesday Dec 6th at 2:30 we will be having our Principal’s Tea to celebrate students with excellent achievement in the first term. Invited students and their families are welcome!

Updated course selection sheets!

Registration for second semester is open! We’ve changed some of the course offerings, so if you are a current student, your timetable may need to be changed. Please see Karin in the SOLE office.

We’re very excited about the new options, which include Writer’s Craft, American History (online), Current Aboriginal Issues in Canada, World Cultures: The Global Potluck (online), and Media Studies: Game Design. Don’t wait until courses are filled!

Know Your Rights

Broghan Masters and Jasmine Dunn from Parkdale Community Legal Services presented a fascinating and useful lunch-and-learn on  rights in the workplace. Students learned about the Employment Standards Act, discrimination, termination, and asserting your rights. Thanks to Broghan and Jasmine for empowering the next generation of young workers!

Welcome, Peggy!

Join us in wishing a warm welcome to Peggy King, our new office administrator! We all look forward to working with her as a friendly face in the office.