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Year-End dates

It’s June, and things are getting busy as we wrap up the year. Please see this important update on our end-of-year schedule.

June 6-9 –  Spirit Week (Student Council) 

MONDAY: Dress “Extra” Day (Go Big! Dress Up! Wear That Thing!)

TUESDAY: Slime Workshop (during tutorial)

WEDNESDAY: Trash Clean Up  (during tutorial)

THURSDAY: PRIDE DAY – Wear Rainbow & BRIGHT colours; Button-making (during tutorial)

June 7th – Period 1: Virtual presentation of the play Mischief by Roseneath Theatre, with cast talkback. Part of SOLE’s acknowledgement of June 21st: National Indigenous People’s Day.

June 8 – Transform TO (Whole School)

June 13th – Dual Credit Celebration Lunch

June 14th – Social Science Fair – classes invited to Caitlin’s HSP/HSB Period 3 class for a tour

June 16 – Prom

June 20 – Last day to hand in TERM 2 work (not including Culminating Activities)

June 20: ROM Historical Danforth Walk, afternoon, Rachel and Caitlin’s classes

June 21 – National Indigenous Day – School-Wide Livestream – PLEASE WEAR ORANGE

June 22 – Culminating Activities Due

June 24, 27, and 28 – Credit Rescue Days – for students who have not yet handed in Term 2 work or Culminating Activities- students can sign in from home if they are not required by teachers to attend in person

June 28 – Grad

Interview: Jacob & Braeden

The Literacy Course students are pleased to present a series of interviews with SOLE students about their cool projects, experiences, and adventures outside of school.

XanKalibur Interview 

By Braeden McLean 

Today I had a very interesting and inspiring conversation with an up and coming producer from Toronto, Ontario. His name is Jacob and he goes by XanKalibur

Braeden: When did you first start producing music?

Jacob: I started producing music in late 2019 just for fun, but I was really inspired by a bunch of artists I grew up listening to. Like, Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Peep. 

Braeden: How did you get into producing? Friends? Family? Or just interest?

Jacob: Friends, general interest,YouTube videos, and I also watched other people’s interviews on how they started. 

Braeden: What’s your favourite thing about producing music?

Jacob: My favourite thing about producing is probably the creative freedom and the fact that you can create anything out of just a couple notes.

Braeden: Who is a producer or artist you look up to?

Jacob: For producer and artist I would probably say Mac Miller because he produced a lot of his own music and was also skilled at writing. So with those two combined I would have to say that he’s my favourite producer/artist.

Braeden: What is the process you go through to produce your music?

Jacob: I usually start on my laptop not having ideas yet. I kind of just open up the program I use called FL studio. Then I’ll select a couple drum sounds or start with a plug in with a sound that I want. Then I start making chords and melodies and stuff like that. 

Braeden: What are some tips you would give to young producers?

Jacob: It’s kind of discouraging when you start because sometimes you have to find your style but the more time you put into it, the better you become. Which is basic knowledge for anything, but is important to keep in mind when you first start producing. 

Dress like a teacher/dress like a student day

Pay attention!

It was opposite day at SOLE, with students dressing like teachers and teachers dressing like students. Here’s a sample! More fun events coming up include:

Monday, June 6: Dress Extra Day

Tuesday, June 7: Slime Workshop

Wednesday, June 8: Trash cleanup

Thursday, June 9: SOLE Swag Day

TDSBCreates Virtual Showcase

tdsbCREATES is a board wide arts festival, running since 2014, that connects local artists with classrooms to foster creativity and explore the art forms of dance, drama, spoken word, media arts, film, visual arts and music.

This year, their curated showcase is virtual. We are proud to announce that two SOLE students, Calen and Cate, have work that was accepted for the showcase. They worked with mentor photographer Elaine Chan-Dow to create Photoshop collages on the theme of Intersections.

Check out their work, and the work of talented creators from across the TDSB, below!

TDSBCreates 2022 Virtual Showcase

Upcoming SOLE Student council activities

SOLE Student Council has been busy planning awesome activities and events!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Positive Affirmations Project at the end of the hall, and add your own note on a post-it!

Upcoming events:

May 30: Dress Like a Teacher Day (teachers, dress like students!)

June 6: Dress Extra Day

June 7: Slime Workshop

June 8: Trash cleanup (morning), TransformTO workshop (afternoon)

June 9: SOLE Swag Day