School Youth Leadership Grant

The School Health Grant for Youth provides Canadian youth, ages 13 to 19 and enrolled in grades 9 to 12 the opportunity to apply to 1 of 3 levels of grant funding ($1500, $2500, $3500). The goal of the grant is to develop youth-driven and youth-inspired initiatives that encourage and promote healthy living in their school. Project initiatives must align with 1 or more of the following PHAC priorities:

Reducing substance-related harms: Example – Conduct a research project on vaping in your school and how it affects students.Example: Organize a program on preventing and reducing substance-related harms, focused on ensuring the availability of life-saving tools like naloxone kits in your school environment.

Healthy eating and nutrition: 
Example – Use Canada’s Food Guide to help you design and implement a food program at your school, such as a school garden or healthy snack pantry.Example: Organize a cooking workshop to increase awareness of healthy eating. Use Canada’s Food Guide to help you decide on the types of meals to cook.

Physical activity: 
Example – Organize a “come out and play” intramural sports program.Example: Start an inclusive sports program that is accessible for youth with disabilities.

Positive mental health and well-being: 
Example – Start a gender and sexuality alliance to help promote an inclusive school environment.Example: Organize a learning event in your school to promote mindful social media use.

Who can apply

To apply you must:
-be a youth between the ages of 13-19
-be a student enrolled in grades 9-12
-be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Canada, and not be a federal government employee at the time of application

For more info, check out the School Youth Leadership Grant website.