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Parent-Teacher Interviews

parent-teacher interviews

Parent-teacher interviews are this Thursday, March 30th from 5:30-7:30. They will be held in the Reception Centre on the first floor. Just follow the signs! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Hello Spring!

It’s back to school and into spring! We had an awesome spring party in the art room, featuring music, thematic snacks, birdhouse painting, and origami. A special thanks to Emma B., and her incredible party-planning skills.

Thanks to Saira I. for the photos!

Video Games and Virtual Selves


Rachel’s Media Arts: Game Design class hosted a lively talk by Benjamin David Mitchell on Video Games and Social Justice. From pinball arcades to GamerGate, we discussed the history of video games, role of avatars in gaming, and issues of gender, representation, and violence.
game design class

Passages Canada visit


Rachel’s World Cultures: The Global Potluck class hosted a visit from Assiatou Diallo on behalf of Passages Canada. Assiatou shared the inspiring story of her journey from Guinea, in West Africa, to Germany, to Montreal, and eventually here to Toronto, where she runs a successful cleaning business employing many newcomers to Canada. We discussed the history of African Heritage Month and the importance of diversity, multiculturalism, and tolerance.

To read more about Assiatou, click here.

assiatou with students

Photo retake day

kittens taking pictures of each other

Are you new to SOLE or missed getting your photo taken for your TTC ID and your student card? Come by room 111 at lunch on Tuesday, March 6th to get your school photo taken!

Another great week at SOLE

It’s been a busy week at SOLE! Karin’s Drama class created tableaux…

students standing on playground

While Rachel’s Photography class took advantage of the gorgeous weather to take some photos…

In Dan’s Law class, students role played crime suspects and detectives. They examined 5 pieces of evidence (shoe impression, fingerprint, hair fiber, clothing fiber, and signature on a cryptic note) left at the crime scene to deduce who the murderer was.

From playing games to creating them, Rachel’s Game Design class compared the game mechanics of strategy board games like Risk to addictive online games. Then students began work on their own creations!