Spooks Week: Costume Contest

The best part of Halloween is the costumes. Well, it’s also the candy, but we had plenty of both! Congratulations to the winners of our costume contest: Lewis, Dawson, and Rawmeen, and thanks to everyone who participated.

There’s one day left for Spooks Week: Day of the Dead. Join us in the Student Lounge tomorrow to watch Coco, participate in face-painting, and enjoy some Mexican hot chocolate.

Spooks Week: Pumpkin Carving

SOLE students showed off their amazing pumpkin carving skills for the second day of our Spooks Week activities. Our winner will be announced tomorrow, so stay tuned to Remind and be sure to pick up your prize.

Don’t forget: tomorrow is the big day! The Costume Contest will be held at lunch in the Student Lounge. Come with your funniest, scariest, and most creative costumes for a chance to win!

Spooks Week: Terrifying Treats

Spooks Week at SOLE has begun! To kick it off at lunch today, students celebrated Terrifying Treats, a spooky feast of cupcakes to decorate courtesy of Rawmeen, Debbie, and Rachel. Baked goods definitely have a lot to fear from this crowd! Join us tomorrow–same time, same place–for a pumpkin carving contest!

A visitor from the Shire

Drawing from life is one of the biggest challenges for any artist, but Rachel’s Visual Arts class was prepared to scale this particular Mount Doom! Tess from CosParty, dressed as Frodo from The Lord of the Rings, was our awesome model for the day.

Future Readiness and Mysterious Packages

Ana addressing the Film and Philosophy classes

SOLE hosted not one, but two guest speakers today. Rachel’s Film and Video class and Perryne’s Philosophy class heard Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer at the Canadian Film Centre, talk about preparing for the future of technology and society. Whether it’s climate change, income inequality, or surveillance, today’s young adults face a radically different world than their parents and grandparents. Ana addressed how citizens, government, and companies can transform their thinking to adapt to these new challenges.

Shannon’s English and Rachel’s Photography classes got a visit from Tim Sullivan, co-founder of the Mysterious Package Company. Tim shared some of his work and passion for transmedia narratives, introducing students to a unique and powerful form of storytelling. We were all entertained and a bit creeped out by the finger in the test tube, but hey, ’tis the season!

Announcing Spooks Week!

Terrifying Treats: Monday, Oct. 29-Student Lounge
Pumpkin Carving: Tuesday, Oct. 30-Student Lounge
Costume Contest: Wednesday, Oct. 31-Student Lounge
Day of the Dead-Thursday, Nov. 1-Student Lounge

Get ready for a whole week of Halloween fright and fun, presented by your Student Council. Each day, we’ll be holding a different activity in the Student Lounge at lunch. Join us for Terrifying Treats on Monday, a Pumpkin Carving contest on Tuesday, a Costume Contest on Wednesday, and a celebration of Dias de Los Muertos. the Mexican Day of the Dead, on Thursday. There will be food, fun, and prizes!

New Math Tutor!

Rob Reed, our new math tutor, will be starting with us on Monday, Oct. 22 at lunch and period 3. He will be in the Student Lounge available to work with anyone who needs extra help. In November, he’ll be working with us every Monday and Wednesday.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

SOLE Parent-Teacher Interviews are Thursday, Oct. 25th from 5 pm to 8 pm. Please sign up online for a 15-minute interview with each teacher by clicking the button below. If you have a problem accessing the online sign-up system, email Rachel at rachel.rosen@tdsb.on.ca or call Debbie, our Office Administrator, at 416-393-0756.

Not sure who your child’s teacher is? Here’s who’s teaching what!

English Writer’s Craft 12 C/U
Grade 12 English U
Grade 11 English U
The Environment and Resource Management 12 M

Human Development Throughout the Lifespan 12 M
Philosophy 12 U
Canadian and International Politics 12 U
Grade 11/12 English C

Data Management 12 U
Functions and Applications 11 M and Functions 11 U
Advanced Functions 12 U/ Calculus and Vectors 12 U
Physics 12 U

Film and Video 11/12 M
Photography 11/12 M
Visual Arts 11/12 M/O
International Business Fundamentals 12 M

Intro to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology 11 C/U
History of Africa 11 O
Understanding Canadian Law 11 M
Canadian and International Law 12 U

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