Welcomes and Goodbyes

It’s been a school year full of changes, and they just keep coming! While we still don’t know what September will look like, it will have a few new faces.

First off, a farewell to Karin Vollmer. Karin has been at SOLE for nine years, and has been an integral part of our team. As our Guidance counsellor and classroom teacher, she has been the heart and soul of SOLE. She is leaving us for Cedarbrae CI, and we all wish her the very best.

As well, a (temporary) farewell to Perryne Constance, who will be on leave for a year. Have fun and don’t forget about us!

Next, a warm welcome to two new staff members, Berardo Manari and Christina Belli. Berardo will be replacing Karin as ACL of Guidance, as well as teaching English and Philosophy. Christina will be teaching Science and Health & Phys. Ed. courses. We’re so excited for them to join the school!

Finally: New and returning students—we want to hear from you! Specifically, we want you to register if you’re new, and pick your courses if you’ll be with us in September. You can apply here if you’re a current TDSB student, and apply here if you are coming from outside the TDSB.

All students must pick their courses for next year! You can do it easily online by completing this form.

If you have any questions or need technical support, email rachel.rosen@tdsb.on.ca.