What is the Moratorium, and what does it mean for you?

You might have heard teachers talking about a “moratorium.” What is it? TDSB policy states:

during the moratorium period of four (4) days prior to the scheduled mid-term or semester and final exam days, there shall be no:

  • excursions;
  • assemblies (except in extenuating circumstances, i.e. violent incident, bereavement);
  • shortened instructional school days;
  • conferences or meetings that remove teachers from their schools;
  • interschool activities;
  • projects or assignments for students writing an examination
  • culminating activities for students writing an examination;
  • homework, other than outlined below.

Homework that is considered to be part of the systematic review and examination preparation process (such as review quizzes, sample examination questions, or practice tests) and that do not count for marks, may be assigned during the pre-examination moratorium period.

Confused about what that means? We made a flowchart: