Fantastic Fridays

Please join us for the first official Fantastic Friday tomorrow.

To be marked present:

  1. Make sure your Out of School Component is completed. Ask your teacher if you’re not sure what it is!
  2. At 11 am, log into Google Meet with your TDSB student account and look for the meeting called solefriday.

See you there!

Deadline to change courses

These are coming up soon! The last days to change courses are:

Grade 12 courses:  Friday, September 25. 
Grade 10/11 courses:  Thursday, October 1.

Please make an appointment with Berardo through Google Classroom if you need to swap!

School re-opening

As you probably know, there’s been a lot of confusion and delays with school re-openings. While we make sure that everything is in place to keep you as safe as possible, here’s what we can tell you so far!

This Thursday, Sept. 17th, will be the first day of school. It will be an orientation day for you to pick up your timetable, get familiar with the new safety and screening protocols, meet your teachers and classmates, and answer any questions that you have. Please meet us at 10:30 am outside the front of the school. Dress for the weather, wear your mask, and be prepared to be here for a couple of hours.

Regular classes will start on Monday, Sept. 21. When you pick up your timetable, you’ll be assigned your cohort and you’ll know whether you’re in school that day or whether you’ll be starting online. On school days, please arrive at the school between 8:40 am and 8:55 am so that you can be in class by 9 am.

Please take the time before Thursday to check your TDSB email account ( Make sure you know your password. If you’ve forgotten it, click here to reset it. If you have trouble signing into your account, let us know on Thursday so that we can help you get set up before your first class.

Here’s how SOLE’s schedule will work. It’s similar to the model used by the rest of the TDSB, but it’s a little bit easier to understand and offers you more flexibility. We’re here to answer any questions you might have:

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

SOLE Alternative: We’re still different!

This year, we’re doing our best to provide more flexibility and personalization for students, while still keeping everyone as safe and physically distanced as possible.

We’re offering:

• An easy-to-follow schedule from Monday to Thursday
• Fantastic Fridays featuring Wellness Workshops and Alternative Learning opportunities
• Smaller class sizes
• Late start (9 am)
• Grab & go snack program

To apply, check out our Admissions page and choose an appointment for in-person registration by clicking the button below:

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Congratulations to Principal Gage, and welcome to Vice-Principal Jones!

Please congratulate Lesley Gage on her promotion to Principal of York Mills CI, effective immediately.  Her appointment was approved by Trustees at the TDSB board meeting last night.

For the last 2 years, Lesley has been an integral part of our leadership team.  She has contributed enormously to our school’s equity and inclusion efforts.   Her passion in promoting student leadership and student voice is much appreciated by our students and parents community.    In spite of learning of her promotion last week, Lesley continues to support our school by tediously recreating the master timetable to align all courses with the quadmester model.   Her dedication to support staff and students is exceedingly laudable.  It is with mixed feelings that we bid farewell to such a valuable member of our admin team.   Her promotion is definitely our loss and their gain at York Mills CI.   Together, we wish Principal Gage a successful and rewarding leadership role at her new school.

We would also like to welcome newly appointed Vice-Principal Jonathan Jones to our admin team.  Jonathan has extensive experience in Special Education and Alternative schools.  In addition, he is relentless in promoting equity, student engagement and student leadership.  We look forward to working collaboratively with Jonathan to continue to serve our school community.

Here’s a letter from our Superintendent and our Trustee, confirming her appointment.

In-Person Registration

School is just around the corner. Classes will start September 15, but in the meantime, you can complete your registration and course selection for SOLE on September 9 and 10. Please sign up for an appointment by clicking the button below.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Registration will happen on the 1st floor of Monarch Park CI at Exit 2. Our guidance and admin team will be available to answer your questions and make sure you’re good to go for September!

• A completed, signed and dated Application Form
• A copy of your recent Credit Counselling Summary, if possible
• Birth certificate or passport
• Health card
• 2 pieces of ID confirming address

Please check our Admissions page to make sure you’re eligible to join our school community.

We’ll have more information on school start-up and timetable coming soon, so keep watching this spot!

Online registration for SOLE is open!

We may not know yet what September will look like, but we know that we want you (yes you!) as part of our school community!

If you are currently a TDSB student, you can register online by clicking the form below:

SOLE Alternative Online Application Form

If you are not currently a TDSB student, you can register at the following link:

TDSB online registration (scroll down and find Alternative Schools).

If you have trouble accessing either link, email, and we’ll help you out!

If you’re ready to choose your courses, you can do so online using our Course Selection form.

Check out our virtual tour:

See you in September!

Welcomes and Goodbyes

It’s been a school year full of changes, and they just keep coming! While we still don’t know what September will look like, it will have a few new faces.

First off, a farewell to Karin Vollmer. Karin has been at SOLE for nine years, and has been an integral part of our team. As our Guidance counsellor and classroom teacher, she has been the heart and soul of SOLE. She is leaving us for Cedarbrae CI, and we all wish her the very best.

As well, a (temporary) farewell to Perryne Constance, who will be on leave for a year. Have fun and don’t forget about us!

Next, a warm welcome to two new staff members, Berardo Manari and Christina Belli. Berardo will be replacing Karin as ACL of Guidance, as well as teaching English and Philosophy. Christina will be teaching Science and Health & Phys. Ed. courses. We’re so excited for them to join the school!

Finally: New and returning students—we want to hear from you! Specifically, we want you to register if you’re new, and pick your courses if you’ll be with us in September. You can apply here if you’re a current TDSB student, and apply here if you are coming from outside the TDSB.

All students must pick their courses for next year! You can do it easily online by completing this form.

If you have any questions or need technical support, email

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