Welcome back for quad 3

All Quad 3 classes start online on Monday, February 8th! Please see below for the schedule we will be following. Both cohorts will attend all classes.

Starting on Tuesday, Feb. 16th, we will be moving to in-person learning. The schedule we’ll be following is this:

You should have received an invite to your Quad 3 Google Classroom, so please check your TDSB email to know which classes you’re taking!

See you Monday!

SOLE Celebrates African Heritage Month

The Toronto District School Board is the largest, and one of the most diverse school boards in Canada. Nearly one-quarter of our students were born outside of Canada and collectively, we speak more than 120 languages. It is an occasion to recognize and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Peoples of African Descent to Canada and the world.

Looking to explore more? Check out some of these films and documentaries.

Hot Docs: Docs for Schools Today

NFB: Black Communities in Canada

End of Quad 2/Beginning of Quad 3

Dear SOLE Students and Parents and Guardians,

As we get closer to the end of Quad 2 we would like to encourage you to regularly check in with your teachers regarding your progress in your courses. By now, your teachers will have discussed with students their individual course schedules next week, but we would like to draw your attention to some important upcoming dates.

On Monday and Tuesday, February 1st and 2nd, some instructors have opted to replace synchronous class time to instead meet with students either individually or in small groups to focus on credit rescue activities. Please note that these days are required attendance days and your instructors will be recording student attendance.

As in Quad 1, there will be no scheduled exams for courses. Instead, Wednesday and Thursday, February 3rd and 4th have been designated as Credit Rescue days. During these days students will be able to check in with their instructors to receive individual support on any remaining course work.

Friday, February 5th is a board-wide PA day and will be used by your instructors to prepare for the start of Quad 3. Student attendance will not be taken.

Monday, Feb. 8th marks the start of Quad 3. Students will receive their Quad 3 timetables via email in the following days.

Students will receive their formal report cards electronically from TDSB during the week of February 15th.

Return to in-person school – All TDSB schools have been instructed to “remain closed to students and staff until Wednesday, February 10.” As we receive more information in the coming days, we will communicate details with staff and students.

We wish you all a successful end to Quad 2.

Virtual schedule

As you may have heard on the news, Ontario schools will be moving to a virtual schedule until January 25th. School resumes on January 4th, and for the next few weeks, we’ll be following this schedule:

Virtual classes will be through Google Meet, as usual. Please talk to your teacher if you have any questions.

Have a safe and happy rest of your holidays, and see you January 4th!

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and your loved ones a restful, safe, and healthy holiday break!

We’ll be back Monday, January 4th. There is a possibility that we will be moving to virtual, but we don’t have any information yet. Please follow the news and this website for updates as we get them.

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