School of Life Experience


SOLE Alternative. A small alternative school where the focus is on you, your learning and your educational journey. We value your style, creativity and desire to learn. We offer you the flexibility you need to make school work for you and experience the success you know you’re capable of achieving. Whether you’re upgrading marks for admission to post-secondary, looking for a change from your neighbourhood school, or seeking the personalization of a small, niche school, SOLE is the alternative. Be a full-time student without attending school full-time! Our team of ten dedicated teachers is on your side to provide innovative, responsive programming that meets your learning needs, including e-Learning courses. Our community of learners fosters collaboration, intellectual courage, critical thinking and problem solving: 21st Century skills that you’ll need when you graduate from SOLE.

Registration is open for 2016-2017. Contact SOLE: Email or call 416-393-0756.


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